I have a few modifications to my truck already, how will I know what conflicts with your kit?     
 We have a variety of solutions for a variety of builds.  More often than not, we can walk you through how to make the kit work for you and whatever you have already done to your rig.

  I’ve been told by your competitors it’s not possible to have a true 4-Link set up?  
All our competitors are telling customers that because they don’t sell a 4-Link Kit.  Rock Slayer Off-Road’s 4-Link Kits are true 4-Link Kits.  They’re the first and only 4-Link Kits on the market.  Our 4-Link Kits are double triangulated in both the front and rear.  All our 4-Link Kits have been developed and tested at the Hammers.  The secret is how and where the Rock Slayer Off-Road 4-Link Kits are attached to your vehicle.  

·         Should I purchase the front and rear kits separately or the complete kit?  
Some customers start by purchasing the 4-Link Rear Kit or the 4-Link Front Kit, but after seeing their vehicle perform they always come back and purchase the rest of the 4-Link Kit.  So we put together a value package, the 4-Link Complete Kit.  That’s what most customers choose for their vehicles. 

·         You sell ORI Air Struts, but can I use the shocks that are on my truck with the 4-Link Kit?  
All Rock Slayer Off-Road 4-Link Kits are compatible with any air shock, coil over shocks or leaf springs.  To get the best performance from our 4-Link Kits you will want the ORI Air Struts.  We love them so much, we became an ORI distributor!  Most customers purchase ORI Air Struts, so we offer a 10% discount on them when purchased with our 4-Link Front or Rear Kits  and with our 4-Link Complete Kit.  We want you to run ORI Air Struts with our 4-Link Kits so we discounted them for you. 

·         Is it true I only need to carry one spare drive line for my 4-Link Complete Kit? 
Yes!  Another advantage of purchasing the 4-Link Complete Kit is your front and rear drive lines will be the same length so you only have to carry one spare.  Never worry again about being stuck on the trail.

·         I have average mechanic skills; Can I install the 4-Link Kit myself? 
All Rock Slayer Off-Road 4-Link Kits are designed for easy installation with basic fabrication skills and come with a detailed step-by-step User Guide.  If you do have problems, we are here to help talk you through the install or recommend a certified Rock Slayer Off-Road 4-Link Kit installer. 

·         Will the 4-Link Kit fit on my Jeep?  
Not yet, but soon!  Rock Slayer Off-Road has performed intensive R & D to bring this new 4-Link technology to the market.  Our 4-Link Kits were designed for a Toyota.  As we expand we will be offering our 4-Link Kits for all off-road vehicles. 

·         I have heard some after market axles are prone to failure.  
After market axles can have problems with fatigue and bend so they require some type of gusset system.  Rock Slayer Off-Road’s axle gussets are ¼” steel and are designed to strengthen your full axle from brake to brake.  It is the strongest gusset for your Toyota and will actually make your stock axles stronger than any other after market axle out there.  Rock Slayer Off-Road designed their 4-Link Kits with every detail in mind.  Each component has been engineered, fine tuned and road tested at the Hammers.

·         I keep hearing your kits called the Buggy Killer.  
Rock Slayer Off-Road 4-Link Kits have been nicknamed the Buggy Killer by people at the Hammers.  Our 4-Link Kits will give your vehicle the performance of a rock buggy without the high cost.  Rock Slayer Off-Road 4-Links Kits out perform any 3-Link kit or “4-Link kit” on the market and actually competes with the high end rock buggies. 

·         What’s your warranty?  
We offer a one year warranty.  All Rock Slayer Off-Road 4-Link Kits and parts have been designed and tested at the Hammers – no other product has been tested as extensively as ours.  We use the thickest metal on the market, so our 4-Link Kits can take what you dish out.  Everything has been thought out and nothing has been skipped or compromised.  If we didn’t design it, we became a trained distributor of products we offer.  We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop – everything you need to install your 4-Link Kit is offered on our website.  You don’t need to use different vendors and then fight between them on warranty issues.  All Rock Slayer Off-Road 4-Link Kits are made in the U.S.A.